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"Sudahi saja sikap manismu yang selalu membayangi diriku, dan jalani saja kisahmu dengannya."

#memutar: Voiceless and Soulastic—Bukan Diriku (via kunamaibintangitunamamu)



Last cut-out I decided to register the process!

there is not a lot of mystery involved.

1. work on sketches,this one i just wanted to work on a more elaborate dress/simple pose, i used photo references for it of course.

2. transfer the drawing to  paper. This time i used different colours of paper, but sometimes i work on a nice thick white paper and just work the colours with acrylics after.

3. I cut out the shapes transfered, then i check if they work alright - my cat is a nosy thing super attracted to a messy desk.

4. I paint the shapes separately! I just add shadows and textures randomly. When i put them together i think that creates a nice superposition.

5. Stick it! I use pva glue, and stick the parts separately and then put them all together.

6. since these paper colours don’t have a lot of contrast, i decided to work on top of everything with black and white colour pencils, but sometimes i use pastels, or more acrylics.


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